What is Boxercise?

About 6 years ago a friend of mine had found this new fitness program, which she loved, and she insisted that I try it out. For months she was trying to get me to come but it wasn’t until one day when I ran out of excuses that I put on my fitness outfit and dragged my unwilling body to this gymnastics hall.

The class was called Jessboxing! What was that? I’m not really into violence so I didn’t quite understand why she was convinced that I would love it.

After the warm up, the instructor, Jess, asked us to partner up and to put on our gloves and pads. One becomes the boxer and the other becomes the pad-holder. Jess explained how to throw a straight punch and then started the clock. For one minute non-stop the boxer punches the pads. Uf, one minute was long! Then some ground work, like squats or something similar for 30 seconds for both pad-holder and boxer, and then back to punching for one minute. Then we swap!

That sounded easy enough, but will it hurt? How hard can I punch? I don’t want to hurt my partner!

I put on the gloves and threw my first punch! Woaw! That feels cool! It turns out, you can punch pretty darn hard and it wont hurt neither the pad-holder nor myself. This is the beauty of this sport. You get to punch and kick, but in a controlled manner, so you don’t hurt anyone and you get a full body work-out.

The class went on and we learnt about hooks and uppercuts, kicks and knees. Finally after 1 hour I was beat! Almost literally! I was sweating like never before and I had the biggest smile on my face! I knew this was not going to be my last boxing class!


This past weekend I was in London to become a Boxercise instructor! While we were there, we also added on a Kick-boxercise class, just for the hell of it 😉

I can now offer YOU awesome amazing boxercise classes. So if you are intrigued and want to try out, please do reach out to me. I will give classes myself and I have partnered up with HIITme Jessboxing. Check out their website too! 


Learn more about Boxercise here.



Anne Louise

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