Strict Meal Plans and Exercise Routine? I say NO!

Everywhere I go I see adverts for meal plans and exercise programs with overwhelming promises, especially this time of year when the dreaded season of overindulgence begins. We are all conscious about the fact that we will be eating and drinking more than usual during this season and come January we have regrets and start looking for these adverts I am talking about.

Fitness centres have the fittest person on earth on their posters and personal trainers are showing off their abs and we think that if you train with them we can get the same killer abs. I used to think that if I only sign up for the gym, I would naturally lose weight! Has this happened to you? I never went to the gym, but just the notion of actually signing up and having the card in my wallet should be enough to lose weight and get the body I was dreaming of having… crazy right?

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Do you snack in the evenings?


You’ve finished dinner and you are watching TV or you are on your computer. Suddenly you get this urge to go to the kitchen and look for something. You look in every cupboard and think: “mmh what I am in the mood for?”. Then you remember this yummy snack that accidently slipped into your shopping cart last time you went grocery shopping and you thank yourself for ditching all healthy eating regimes and you grab the snack without thinking twice. You curl up on the couch and you enjoy the snack to its fullest!

Does this sound familiar?

It does to me.

I used to do this every evening!

At some point I started thinking that my body needed this snack fix. I got so used to it.

Until I met my partner…

He never snacked in the evening. When I went to the cupboard in the search of something sweet and asked him if he wanted something, he would reply with this weird answer that he was not hungry or something! Completely irrelevant! You can read more about “What I have learnt by living with a skinny person” here.

Eventually I felt more and more ashamed of my need to snack when he was not that I tried to stop. When my urge came I would try to distract myself and do something else. I also know that if I snack too late then I will have trouble sleeping, so I set myself a deadline. Snack before 9pm or not at all. By distracting myself enough until 9pm and only then realising how late it was, that really worked. At some point I just didn’t think about it or want a snack.

If you snack in the evenings, try to find out what is missing for you. Why are you snacking? Do you need company? Then talk to your partner or reach out to a friend. Is something else bothering you for you to need to a snack?

Think about it! Those are just extra calories that your body certainly doesn’t need! And you feel so much better if you stop! All of a sudden you are hungry in the mornings for breakfast, which as they say is the healthiest meal of the day!! Read about that here.

For me it was clearly that I was lonely! After moving in with my partner, the need to snack slowly disappeared, by distracting myself long enough that my body eventually didn’t need or want it anymore.

What can you do to stop snacking? Share in the comments below!

PS: I found this article with tricks to help you stop snacking. Take a look!

Get Real 7 Day Challenge

I am so exited to announce that I am running a FREE 7 day challenge for a new and improved you! 7 days for more energy, to feel awesome about yourself and losing weight in the process. This is my first of hopefully many challenges, and it’s going to be fun and so empowering to do with other people struggling just like you! 

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Who is this challenge for?

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Anne Louise