Great! You are ready to let go of the past and live a happy, healthy and more relaxed life! 

It’s time to book your Get Real session. I am committed to make this session as valuable for you as possible. This complimentary session will help us identify what you need to get real about in your life and what you need to do, to start living a happier, healthier and more relaxed life. It will also help us determine, if it will be a good fit for us to work together in the future. 

I believe, that you are unique and that you have a special talent that this world needs. This talent will only come to life if you stop hiding behind unhealthy coping strategies and allow yourself to show up in life as your true self. 

At the moment all sessions are online via Zoom.

Coaching Plans

Single Sessions
€ 150,-
  • As all clients
  • Book as many as you like
12 Journey Ticket 
€ 1296,-
  • As all clients
  • Buy 12 sessions to be used within 1 year

No matter which plan you choose, here is what all clients get:

  • My undivided attention and curiosity during each session
  • My commitment to your healing and growth
  • Meditation and hypnotherapy skills to help you connect to your inner true self
  • Discovery of your different parts and how to have them work together
  • Tools:
    • to get to know yourself
    • to deal with inner conflicts
    • to quiet your inner critic
    • to STOP unhelpful rumination
    • to help you befriend your emotions
    • to create new perspectives
    • to visualise your perfect life and create actions steps to get you there
    • Goal setting: what do you want to get out of life?

…and finally, my years of experience with coaching and therapy -> all for you!

No matter which plan you choose, first you need to book a Get Real session.

During this session we will find out if I can help you and which plan is best for you. when you click on the green button a calendar will pop up. Please choose your preferred time and confirm.

4 months program in detail

Here is what we would go through in a typical 4 months program. Everyone is unique and individual, so all programs will, of course, be tailored to your unique needs. In general this is what we would cover:

Session 1: Discovery of you! Your values, your inner strengths and distinguish your different parts

Session 2: Mindfulness in your life

Session 3: Calming your nervous system

Session 4: Healing your inner child

Session 5: Listen to your body

Session 6: Meet your inner critic with self-compasison

Session 7: Befriend your emotions

Session 8: Be true to yourself now and in the future