Coaching to heal from stress and anxiety

Learn to listen to your body, so you can feel cool, calm and healthy

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Your life is too precious to be overwhelmed by stress and anxiety

You deserve to feel great every day.

A stressed out body is a sick body. Don’t let stress and anxiety control your life.

Accept and love yourself unconditionally, because you matter!

You can feel cool, calm and healthy

  • Calm your racing mind

  • Get quality restful sleep

  • Find inner peace

Live a long and happy life

Never let anything stand in your way of showing the world, who you really are. Accept and love yourself, unconditionally. Get Real because you matter.

✨ Discover your courage to look inside
✨ Heal your body from stress
✨ Grow your confidence and resilience
✨ Become a better parent, partner, friend and worker

As a certified health coach, I can help you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel cool, calm and healthy.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I learnt to accept myself, even my failures
    Being busy and pushing through the hustle of everyday life and work, I found it became harder to deal with life’s challenges. Anne Louise made me feel safe to explore my inner self. I rediscovered myself and learnt to love and accept myself, just as I am.

    Minola Full time worker, self discoverer
  • I got real with myself!
    I thought, I was doomed and nobody could help me. I was wrong. Anne Louise made me realise that I am in control of my own will, have the ability to make a change and I don’t need to be afraid of success.

    H.D Massage therapist, essentail oils expert
  • I never thought it was possible to live without pain and internal demons
    Anne Louise helped me grow my confidence and let go of demons I thought would never leave me. I now feel free and at peace with myself.

    Manou Teacher and mother
  • I healed from overwhelm
    Before coaching, I felt incomplete, tired and not good enough. Being a mother of 3 and dealing with life’s challenges, I felt lost. Anne Louise’ coaching brought me back to myself and let me connect to my body and soul. Today, I feel more confident, mindful, and truthful to myself.

    Alison Fitness trainer, mother of 3

Personalised coaching program to find your balance

  • 1. Schedule a call
    We get a feel for each other and decide if we are a good fit

  • 2. Get started
    Discover your courage to look inside and heal your body from stress

  • 3. Feel the relief
    Grow your confidence and become cool, calm and healthy

Your life can be different

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel cool, calm and healthy.

Any type of stress leaves its mark in the body. Your body wants to healthy and in balance, but are you letting it? When you learn how to listen and pay attention to your body, you will be able to react and make a change... before it is too late.

Life throws you many challenges and it can leave you feeling drained, stressed and anxious. To the point where you think there must be something wrong with you, because it seems that everyone else has their life together, except you. But this is not true and it is not your fault. We all deal with stress differently and everyone’s story is different. Never compare yourself to others. You deserve to feel great every day. It is your birth right. The first step is to love and accept yourself, unconditionally, both physically and mentally - don't worry, I will show you how.

I care deeply about your health and I am dedicated to healing your stress. In my personal development journey, it is coaching that has had the biggest impact on me and it is such an honour to be part of my client’s journey. You are a priority in your life. You are the most important person in your story.

Get Real because you matter!

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