Hello and welcome

Welcome to my online world where I help people transform their life. I believe you are whole, complete and perfect just the way you, but life has a way of creating bumps and hold you back from getting what we truly want.

You are here because you are curious about how I can help transform your life.

You are tired of

  • struggling to get through every day
  • feeling fear of nearly everything
  • feeling unworthy
  • getting angry and frustrated
  • being lonely
  • being bored with life

It’s called SURVIVING.

Believe me, I have been there.

What you are looking for is a way to find your confidence, grow your resilience and be HAPPY!

You are ready to find the real, true, authentic YOU!

How can I help?

You have become a parent and you are constantly questioning yourself whether you are doing the right thing. You may be angry and lash out at unexpected times or you are not treating yourself very good and eating and drinking too much.

You might need a coach that believes in you completely and that sees the real you. What you need is a coach to guide you through your insecurities and help you become a better version of yourself, so you can be a great role model for your children.

Who am I?

My name is Anne Louise and I’m a professional certified coach.

I hold a Masters of Science in Engineering specialising in biotechnology and nutrition from the Technical University of Denmark.

While working full-time and becoming a mother, I realised that I was not happy working in a corporate job. I was stressed and overwhelmed by all the new roles life had given me. While I was trying to juggle it all, I burned out and knew I needed a change. I had to start taking better care of myself, both body and mind. I started learning more about holistic health and how to turn my own health and wellbeing around.

I started my coaching journey in IIN and graduated as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, INHC, in 2015.

I developed workshops and trainings on stress management, mindfulness, gut health, healthy lifestyle and nutrition which I share with my clients in my coaching.

I furthered my coaching skills by training as a Coactive Coach, certified CPCC in 2019.

Now I teach my clients to be true to themselves, find out who they really are, let go of limiting beliefs and be confident.

My unique life experience, psychological insight, mindset coaching skills, and intuition mean I have all the essential factors covered.

Mission & Values

My life purpose is to heal and protect all beings – I am healing salt. I help my clients feel safe, heal and nurture themselves, so they can shine bright and stand tall in all that they are.

I help people heal themselves, to be authentic and relaxed with themselves, to take charge and be in control of their life.

My core values

Authenticity. Everyday I strive to be and act as real and authentic as I can. I express real feelings, I say what is on my mind and I invite others to do the same. I’ve been described as being raw, real and a no BS kind of person.

Equality. I believe we are all made the same. There is no-one that is more important than others. We have the same red blood running through us. I will stand up for anyone who is not treated as an equal.

Humanity. Oh humanity. I may not like all people, but I am a great believer in humanity. I love humanity. I am in awe of what people are capable of. I am eternally amazed at what makes us human.

5 steps to healing from trauma

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