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Do you overeat?

I used to overeat all the time. At least once a day I would eat so much that it felt like my stomach was being expanded. For some reason, I would just continue to fill the plate with food and eat. It felt horrible. I would be so uncomfortable afterwards that I wouldn’t be able to stand or sit or lay down. Every time I would promise myself that I wouldn’t do this anymore but as soon as the feeling went away I forgot about it and started over again.


Why was a treating myself this way? Why was I punishing myself like this?

I remember talking to my partner about it. As you might remember, he is the skinny one I have written about before. He would tell me that he never overate, because it would make him feel sick. I was surprised, because that is how I would feel too, but I did it anyway!

Why was I doing this to myself?

Things started to change when I started loving myself more, really liking and loving myself. The thing is that you would never treat a friend like this, would you? Would you force your best friend to eat until completely stuffed so she would feel incredibly uncomfortable? NO you wouldn’t! So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we allow ourselves to be treated like this?

I overate again this weekend. We had raclette, you know melted cheese over potatoes, and it was just soooooo yummy. When I had my last bite I felt the familiar expanding of my stomach and I thought “shoot, why didn’t I stop many mouthfuls ago?”. I then remembered that I used to do this to myself ALL the time!! I am happy to report that it had been a while!

With my new found self-love and self-confidence I am now treating my body better. I exercise, I eat healthier, I eat less and I eat more mindfully! All part of treating myself how I deserve to be treated!

If you overeat, then take minute to think about why you do it? I think for me, I was trying to avoid feeling pain or uncertainties by stuffing myself until I felt numb. Don’t do this! Find a way to love your self and treat yourself right and how you deserve to be treated! Life is too short to settle, also with your self!

Love yourself today!!

If YOU need help getting started or need someone to talk to, then DO NOT hesitate to reach out. I am a Health Coach and my mission is to help you feel amazing about yourself, inside and out. If you overeat and want to do something about it, then email me now!

Anne Louise

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel great, calm and more confident.

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