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Did you know…

…that there is a best time to drink coffee?

Apparently drinking coffee right after you wake up is not a good idea. Scientists now say that the best time to drink coffee is 1,5 hours AFTER you wake up.



Nature’s way to wake you up in the mornings is to produce lots of cortisol while you are sleeping and once your eyes hit the light, the cortisol is released into your blood. Cortisol is among other things a stress hormone and kick-starts your metabolisms.

If you therefore drink your coffee first thing after you wake up, it won’t have the best effect because you are already approaching your maximal level of alertness naturally.

It is therefore recommended to drink the first cup of coffee 1,5 hours after you wake up to allow levels to decrease. Levels peak again between noon to 13h and between 17:30 to 18:30.

Remember if you are a bad sleeper, you shouldn’t have coffee in the afternoon or evenings. I have one cup in the morning, usually just after I wake up. But maybe form now on I will wait a little. Although it will be hard at first!

When do you drink coffee? How many cups? Does it have the effect you are looking for? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Hey Anne Louise, I drink ONE cup only, at around 1030 during the week and after I’ve gotten myself and the little lady ready at the weekends, and I love the taste (now that I’ve stopped putting sugar in it – before I didn’t understand coffee at all!). If I have any coffee past this time I can’t fall asleep that night. Could do with a cup right now though, zzz…

  2. I always start my day with water…maybe a good way to let some of that 1h30 go by…then I walk my dog. I have coffee only after I’ve had another glass of water. I tend to be a 2 cupper…but have to have milk or mylk…can’t drink it black…trying to cut down to 1 a day though

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