5 random things you didn’t know about me

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This week I want to share a little about myself, because I want you to get to know me and invite you to share random things about you, so I can get to know you.

I speak 5 languages

Where I come from it is quite normal to speak at least 5 languages, so I don’t think this is particularly amazing. I grew up in Luxembourg, where I still live with my family. There are 3 main languages here: German, French and Luxembourgish and most people who live here, speak these. Most people also speak English – as do I and finally, people speak the language of the country of their origin. Most people are not native Luxembourgers, neither am I. My country of origin in Denmark and I speak Danish. So, there. 5 languages.

I am a Boxercise instructor

Back in 2009, an old friend dragged me to boxing class. I was finally convinced to go after months of making up excuses to why I couldn’t go with her. Eventually, she won and I am so happy she did. It was the most fun I had ever had. Finally, I found an exercise routine that I loved doing. The secret to exercising is to find something you love doing. When you love doing it, it doesn’t feel like a tedious workout you have to do. No, it is a joy. After a few years of enjoying the classes and enjoying the community of ladies that was built up, I decided I wanted to become a trainer myself. As it happened, my trainer was going to renew her licence and invited me to come with her. It was so much fun and I loved giving boxing classes. I don’t do it anymore because it doesn’t fit my life any longer. But I have fond memories.

My childhood dream was to be a back up dancer for Micheal Jackson

I used to watch MTV as did many children of the 80s/90s and those dancers in the background of music videos were just amazing. I so wanted to be them. I did Jazz and ballet classes as a young teen, but alas, I was never any good at it. But boy oh boy did I have fun. Dancing has always been some part of my life. My two latest adventures have been taking hiphop classes and starring in a musical where I was a dancing snowmen! Oh, I love dancing.

I hated reading as a child

I really did. I couldn’t stay awake to make sense of the letters in the book. It was such hard work. I didn’t really start reading until I read the first Harry Potter books. I was in my 20s when I read them. Today, I enjoy reading. I love reading about trauma healing. The last book I read that fascinated me was called Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler & John Grinder. It is one the first books written about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Fascinating stuff!!

I am a morning person

Oh yes, I love mornings. I have the most energy and the most headspace. Watching the sun rise is the most peaceful experience. It is so quiet and still. I love watching the world waking up. I love walking through town and watching restaurants getting deliveries. The sound of shutters opening on stores is exciting. It’s a new day, with new possibilities and no-one knows what’s in store. Anything can happen.

There you have it. 5 random facts about me. Your turn. What are random facts about you?

Anne Louise

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