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The worst thing about eating healthy?

I am a big believer of adding in as opposed to restricting yourself and taking things out of your diet. The funny thing is that after a while, the more healthy things you put in your diet, the unhealthy snacks and other processed foods seem to fill your cupboards less and less. (more on that later 😉 )

This is a great thing you must think! And yes it is most of the time!

Except for those times where you really want to indulge in something. Those times where you think “oh my, it would be so nice with _______ fill in the blank.” Something you know you shouldn’t eat every day but would be sooo nice once in a while!

The problem with this new healthy lifestyle is that these unhealthy treats are no longer to be found in my cupboards!!! It is so frustrating!

But it is also the point of the matter, isn’t it! 😉

The less of those things you find in your house the less likely you will eat it, right? You have to actually move out of the house to go buy whatever it is you want! In the end I usually replace whatever snack I want to have with something either a healthier snack or a healthier habit (that can also feed your soul).

For me it is usually something sweet I crave. Just now as I am writing I really wanted a chocolate bar, but I know how much crap there are in these things and I really don’t want to put them into my body. Instead I had a little jam on my cheese sandwich (yes, we do do that…) and I went to get myself a hug from a loved one.

*Poof* craving gone!

What snack do you find it very hard to live without? How do you think it would feel if you simply stopped buying it? Would you eat it less? Or not at all? Let me know in the comments below!

Anne Louise

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel great, calm and more confident.

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  1. I would miss ice cream!! And chocolate (although 85% cacao doesn’t count right,it’s good for you!?) – you’re so tight though the first trick is to stop having it in the house / buying it! I’ll have to remember that….

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