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No Chicken Got Real

Weren’t we always told that chicken is good for you. It contains lots of protein, so it fills you up for a long time. And if you eat it without the skin, then it’s practically fat-free. Therefore, chicken is one of the best things to eat when maintaining your weight or when you want to lose weight. Right?

Over the years I have eaten a lot of chicken, thinking it was good for me. There was just one thing I was overlooking. I don’t like chicken!

Chicken breast is tasteless and boring, in my opinion. The thighs and wings are nicer to eat but usually mostly fat. Chicken, in any sandwich or meal, like chicken curry or something like that, is often over cooked and very dry. Blah!

Now, that I am learning all these new things about food, I am also learning that what works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for someone else. One persons food, can be another persons poison. I am not saying that chicken is my poison, but I am asking myself, why have I been eating it for so many years if I don’t really like it?

Not anymore. I have decided to cut out chicken from my diet. And meat! I have never been fond of meat either. Again, I have eaten it because I have been told that it is good for me. Even the government thinks I should eat it! Every food pyramid issued by the government contains meat and chicken as recommendation.

Luxembourgish Food Pyramid
Luxembourgish Food Pyramid

But is it really good for me?

For a few weeks now I have cut out meat and chicken and I feel great. I feel lighter somehow. As if my body doesn’t need to work too hard to digest what I eat. I don’t have this heavy feeling in my body after I eat. Do you know the feeling I am talking about?

My conscious also feels better. I have unfortunately also learnt how animals are treated, when being prepared to fill the shelves in the supermarkets, especially chicken! I don’t have anything against people eating meat. We are at the top of the food chain. But there are other ways to treat animals, I think.

For your health, it is a good idea to cut down on meat. Some people opt for one meatless day a week (meatless Mondays) or eat vegetarian from Monday to Friday. Some people are vegetarian during the day until 6pm and then eat whatever they want. It’s up to you to find what works best for you!

I challenge you to go meatless for a few days and see how your body feels. Do you feel lighter? Do you feel any different or is it all the same? Let me know in the comment section below. I am really interested in hearing what has worked for you!

Get to know your body better. After all, you have to live with it for the rest of your life 😉 And most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Anne Louise

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel great, calm and more confident.

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