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Hello there and welcome to my blog! I am very happy that you are here! In short, this blog is about Healthy Living.

Should I be punished for leaving?

What do you think happened when I came home from my weekend away? Should I be punished for leaving? Read more here and let me know what you think.

Why I hate being a mother!

Being a parent is hard and not always the fairytale story we want to tell ourselves! Sometimes I hate being a mother!
Here is why!

Getting back to normal

I have stopped breastfeeding and as a consequence my hormones are changing. Any woman that has gone through this, knows that this is no fun! It’s an emotional rollercoaster! One…


Baby boy has arrived. We call him Viggo. Silas calls him Lego. I guess in his head it’s the same 🙂 although he is harder to play with at the…

Turn! Baby turn

Through my journey of becoming more health conscious, I naturally did some research of becoming “cleaner” during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. While there is a lot of different advice out…