Let’s talk about food and nutrition. There is no way around it. Taking good care of yourself also means treating your body with self care. It can be so hard to find out what is right to eat, but don’t worry, there is a way. And a great bonus from eating better is that you will feel great and potentially prevent and even reverse disease.

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The worst thing about eating healthy?

I am a big believer of adding in as opposed to restricting yourself and taking things out of your diet. The funny thing is that after a while, the more healthy things you put in your diet, the unhealthy snacks and other processed foods seem to fill your cupboards less and less. (more on that later 😉 )

This is a great thing you must think! And yes it is most of the time!

Except for those times where you really want to indulge in something. Those times where you think “oh my, it would be so nice with _______ fill in the blank.” Something you know you shouldn’t eat every day but would be sooo nice once in a while!

The problem with this new healthy lifestyle is that these unhealthy treats are no longer to be found in my cupboards!!! It is so frustrating!

But it is also the point of the matter, isn’t it! 😉

The less of those things you find in your house the less likely you will eat it, right? You have to actually move out of the house to go buy whatever it is you want! In the end I usually replace whatever snack I want to have with something either a healthier snack or a healthier habit (that can also feed your soul).

For me it is usually something sweet I crave. Just now as I am writing I really wanted a chocolate bar, but I know how much crap there are in these things and I really don’t want to put them into my body. Instead I had a little jam on my cheese sandwich (yes, we do do that…) and I went to get myself a hug from a loved one.

*Poof* craving gone!

What snack do you find it very hard to live without? How do you think it would feel if you simply stopped buying it? Would you eat it less? Or not at all? Let me know in the comments below!

Why you should stop labelling your food ‘good’ and ‘bad’


By Bettina Schelkle

Are you labelling your food? I mean not labelling it by adding a sticker with ‘contains additives’ or ‘may cause allergic reactions’ to it, but labelling your food and what you eat as ‘good’ and ‘bad’? Or do you hold other beliefs about food like ‘gluten is the devil’, ‘sugar is evil’ and ‘one should not eat carbs’? Do you feel it helps you, like really helps you in changing your eating habits and moving towards a healthier lifestyle? If you want to lose weight, has such an approach ever helped you to lose weight and maintain a lower weight in the long-term? If you want to have more energy, has such an approach helped you to be more energetic in your day to day life? If you want to be healthier, has such an approach ever led you to actually feel healthier?

I would be really interested to know, because I genuinely think it may not be as good as an aid as you think it may be. Labels like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ can be really useful and helpful, but only in the right context. Unfortunately, many people nowadays do not use it in the right context because of the emotional connotation that comes with those words ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Instead of using those labels in a factual, logical way, we are now using those words to extract what we think about ourselves based on what we eat. If we eat well, we are good; if we eat not so well, we are bad. Apart from the fact that this is black/white thinking which is problematic in itself, labelling food ‘good’ or ‘bad’ means we give food emotional power over us.

Now, if you think about it, food is just food. There is no good or bad food (unless you refer to taste), only nutrient rich or nutrient poor food. In its most basic, food is nourishment for our physical body and this physical body then supports our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Hence, food is not a direct nourishment for our emotional, mental or spiritual body. It really is just fuel. So unless you start using the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in a purely factual, guiding way to make informed decisions on how to fuel your body, the approach of labelling your food will completely backfire. This is because you have expectations towards food that it can just not fulfil or only fulfil you in the short-term.

Labelling food ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (or any other label really) sets you up for a perpetual cycle of anxiety. You start desiring what you cannot have and try to resist the desire feeling bad for desiring it in the first place. This then brings on guilt and shame, particularly once you feel your willpower is letting you down and you are having forbidden foods.

Hence, instead of labelling your foods good and bad and giving it power over you, why don’t you start checking in with your body after you eat to see how you feel? How does the food make you feel? Do you feel energetic, light, satisfied, fulfilled or do you feel sluggish, tired, mentally foggy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled? I guarantee you that once you start becoming a lot more attuned to your body, you will automatically notice that your body starts guiding you directly towards those foods that it needs to thrive and support you without feeling you are depriving yourself or restricting yourself. What have you got to lose?


Thank you Bettina Schelkle for this wonderful article about labelling your food. She is absolutely right! Forget everything you have heard or read about good or bad foods. Focus on how you feel instead. This is so much more powerful! 

Happy feeling 🙂

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Why not try something new?

I love the month of May! The weather is getting better, the flowers begin to blossom and people start smiling more on the street. Have you noticed?


I especially love May because I was born in May! Actually, many people I love are born in May: my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law (yes I promise you!) and many of my friends. My baby-daddy’s rock-band is even called Born In May!

I used to love my birthday! I loved that I had a day where everything was about ME!

Now it’s different. When you are a mom, it feels like nothing is about me anymore. I didn’t even get to open my presents by myself!

But why should I complain? I had a wonderful day. The weather was spectacular and I was in great company! I invited a few friends and their kids over for a BBQ lunch. 


When I was planning the menu, I was trying to decide whether I should serve meat or not. I prefer not to eat meat, but I know that not everyone shares this preference. And especially when you are invited to a BBQ, you expect meat, right?

My baby-daddy did not agree with me! He thought I should make a veggie dish for myself and serve everyone else meat! But I wouldn’t have it. My child-like attitude towards my birthday came back to me: “It’s MY birthday and I’ll do what I want!”

I therefore served a delicious vegetarian meal!

A quinoa veggie burger on homemade wholegrain buns, corn on the cob, salad and barbequed sweet potatoes

Quinoa veggie burger on homemade wholegrain buns, corn on the cob, salad and barbecued sweet potatoes

Happily, I can report that everyone really enjoyed it and there was no complaining ☺️

I realise that being a vegetarian can annoy some people and I don’t like to be “in your face” as some people are. I do eat meat sometimes, but I prefer not to. My friends were able to try something they would normally not have tried and I think it made them an experience richer.

So my message to you is to not be afraid to try something new. Who knows, you may surprise yourself! Maybe make this month, the “say YES!”-month and try something new?

When was the last time you tried something new? Let me know in the comments below!!