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How not to die

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Michael Greger. He is an American doctor who, unlike other doctors, is specialized in how nutrition can cure disease.


His story started when he was young and his grandmother was dying of heart disease. She was sent home by her doctors in a wheel chair to die. She was only 65. She went home and saw a TV show about Nathan Pritikin that ran a lifestyle medicine clinic in California. He claimed to be able to cure heart disease.

Having nothing to lose, she went to California. She arrived in the wheelchair but left walking out the door!

In just 3 weeks she went from not being able to walk at all, to walking 16 km a day!!

How was this possible?

She was put on a plant based diet and moderate exercise. That’s all! She went on to live another 31 years and died at the age of 96. She inspired her grandson to become a physician and to find out the facts on food.

He did! And still does. He publishes all his findings here. He believes the public has a right to know what science discovers about the food we eat.

I couldn’t agree more. The food industry is unfortunately so corrupt and driven by money. There’s no big-broccoli to fight big-pharma… And doctors are paid to prescribe drugs instead of finding the underlying cause of disease. The most common diseases and causes of death are completely preventable through diet and lifestyle change!

I am reading his book “How not to die” at the moment and it’s fascinating. It has a lot of information, almost too much to fathom.


What I want you to know is that diet and lifestyle does matter and does affect your health. We used to believe that some people are predisposed to certain diseases through our genes, but this is old thinking. The relatively new field of epigenetics has proven without a shadow of doubt that environmental factors influences how our DNA is expressed. This includes the food we eat.

Nutrition and lifestyle does matter! And hopefully by now, you know where to go if you need help to straighten out your food and lifestyle choices 😉 (Email me! or book an appointment

Have an amazing day!



Anne Louise

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