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Becoming mother of TWO!

This morning I went to a “mums and bumbs” meeting for an informal coffee/tea for pregnant women and women with small babies.

I was in hormone heaven!

I had forgotten how small these tiny gorgeous things are and how unbelievably cute they are! I can’t wait for our new baby to arrive. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy it more this time around compared to last time. I recently watched some videos of Silas when he was a baby and he was just unbelievably cute!

Sad news is that I don’t remember him being this cute. This may sound awful but when you are sleep deprived and sick and tired of breast-feeding, the moments when you think your baby is super cute are rarer or you’ve simply forgotten because the brain does not function well on so little sleep and remembering how cute they are is not a priority. Not throwing them off the balcony when they just won’t stop crying is much higher on the priority list!

Don’t get me wrong I always thought Silas was way cuter than any other baby and much more intelligent of course. Just as any mother thinks of their baby. I still think Silas is the cutest and most intelligent 2yr-old out there. I really do! I think he is so intelligent that I am considering having him tested! OK, now I do sound silly, moving on…

Anyway, I met some wonderful mums and mums-to-be at the coffee/tea meeting. For some of them it was their second baby, even third! They all seemed to have survived and be happy and love (of course) their new baby! I guess some things are easier the second time around. For instance we don’t have to busy our brains with silly thoughts about motherhood or who am I now, a mother? These are all questions that are already answered.

Plus, I KNOW I can survive the sleepless nights and even the breast-feeding. I also know what is to come, so there’ll be fewer surprises, I guess? Of course every child is different, so it wont be exactly the same.

What I know for sure is that I love Silas and will love the new baby immensely! No question about it! But how will it be with two children? Two boys even? I guess I will find out.

Anne Louise

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