3 steps to calm your anxiety

If you are feeling anxious and uneasy, it can be very difficult to get out of it. But here are 3 steps that will help you. It is a bit of a magic trick and it works! I have tried it. ⁠

⁠Find out more on this episode of the podcast. 

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Anne Louise Littlejohn

Podcast host
My name is Anne Louise and I help people with childhood trauma to stop leaning on unhealthy behaviours when they face life challenges and start being a great role model for the children. I hope you will enjoy listening to this podcast.

I believe you have a talent that this world needs. This talent will only come to life if you start connecting fully with your mind and body. This way you can let go of the past, heal your body, live in the present and start building your dream life.

Do you want to find out if coaching can help you further and if we are a good fit? Email me and we can schedule your first free coaching call.

Anne Louise

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel great, calm and more confident.

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