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Stress-Free Holidays? (with Video)

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Oh dear, it’s Christmas soon!! There is still so much to do!! How will we get everything done in time? Stress stress stress, right?

Luckily, I have some tricks up my sleeve to get me through this time without too much damage and I am going to share them all with you!!

The tips are divided into lifestyle tips and nutrition tips. Let’s just dive right in.


Sleep; when we are stressed we don’t sleep. When we are stressed we wake up in the middle of the night and our monkey chatter going crazy. Make sure you go to bed peaceful and zen. Make your environment nice, turn off screens, journal to clear your mind and take few deep cleansing breaths. Say good bye to this day and look forward to what the next day will bring.

Plan ahead; when we are stressed it is usually because we didn’t plan ahead. There is so much stress that can be avoided with a little planning. This can be planning your meal, your exercise routine, your presents and where to get them. When life has more structure, life has less stress. At least for me. What about you?

Meditation; try to meditate. Many studies have shown the benefits of mediation. If there was ever a time to start meditating it is now! Schedule in some quality time for yourself. Find a quiet comfortable space, close your eyes and start noticing your breath. If a thought comes a long, welcome it and say good bye to it again without judgement. Imagine they are clouds in the skye just passing by. I use the app called Calm. They have daily 10 min short guided meditations. They are great. Try it out, you may be surprised. Try 30 Days for Free:

Hydrate; this time of year we tend to allow ourselves a little more alcohol than usual. Don’t forget to compensate with also drinking more water!!


Tweak your recipes; have a look at the meals you usually make and see how you can update them. How can you add more veggies into the recipes or can you maybe substitute some of the less healthy ingredients with some healthier ones? There is always something you can do 😉 

Balance; this is especially an important time of year to find more balance and be kinder to ourselves and our bodies. Make sure to rest after a big meal and balance it out with a less heavy meal that morning or the morning after.  

Experience your food; digestion actually starts before you start eating. Once you look at the food and smell your food, your digestive juices start to flow. Help your body digest your food by slowing down, chew your food and fully enjoy it. Be fully present and notice what happens to your body when you eat. You will be surprised at what your body is telling your if you really start to listen.

Your turn, which one can you use to make this season more healthy and less stressfull. 

Anne Louise

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel great, calm and more confident.

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