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Last year when the weather started to be colder I realised something weird. For the first time I was really cold! It felt that no matter what I did, I kept being cold! I would wear bigger jackets. I would exercise more. I was even given an electric heating blanket for Christmas! I was just cold!!

This was also the first fall where I was losing weight.

Could it be that for the first time I didn’t have an insulated heating layer that was my own fat and skin? Could it be that because I was now thinner and my blood closer to the cold or something? Could this be the reason I was so freaking cold?

I don’t know, but what I do know is what I did about it!

I tried to figure out if there was something in my diet that could help the situation. Was I low on some vitamins or did I lack proteins because I had stopped eating meat?

This is when I started to notice a particular pattern! See if you can see it yourself:

I eat cereal or yoghurt for breakfast. I love eating salads or healthy sandwiches for lunch. Evenings was usually pasta with vegetables in one way or other.

Did you notice it?

There is hardly any warm food! Only dinner seem to be cooked food. David Wolfe from the raw food movement would be thrilled! However when you live in a cold climate like we do, eating cold foods all year long just doesn’t work!

So I started to eat more warm foods! I started eating soups or some other warm meal for lunch. The soups were amazing, because they are also a really easy way to get more veggies into your diet! And you can make a whole batch during the weekend that will last you all week!

Lo and behold, it did the trick. I did have to remind myself each time I chose my food. I would look at the delicious salads or other colds foods and respectfully decline. I had to learn to order soups in restaurants for lunch!

Not just food, but also drinks! I drank more warm teas instead of cold drinks.

It seems like such a first world problem, but I am sure I am not alone here.

I invite you to listen more to your body and try to find out what it is really asking for! My body was clearly asking for more heat!

Spring is on its way! Let’s hope for a warm one!


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