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A cupcake is a cupcake

I had a cupcake the other day! A REAL cupcake! With frosting and everything. It was delicious! It was blueberry and just absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed every single bite of it!


Why am I telling you about this? Not just to make you want to eat a cupcake. I want to tell you about the OTHER cupcakes I have had in the past.

There is a cupcake place down town near the train station. If you live in Luxembourg, you know which one I am talking about. They are just amazingly beautiful! The best thing is that she offers vegan and gluten free cupcakes, or is it

As I am on this health trend journey, I naturally have to try the vegan and gluten free ones! And it was nice. They are also beautiful and it seems ok to eat, because it is VEGAN or GLUTEN FREE. You know what I mean?

Researchers at Harvard have recently discovered what gluten does to our intestinal lining. It actually makes holes in it and our intestines leak! This means unwanted compounds enter the bloodstream. The difference between people being sensitive to gluten and those who are not is the speed with which the gut lining repairs itself again after exposure. They found out that everyone reacts like this when exposed to gluten.

I don’t have any details about what kind of gluten or in which food it was and all that, but it does make you wonder that maybe eating so much gluten isn’t good for you! We tend to have gluten at EVERY meal these days. In our cereal in the morning, our sandwich for lunch and our muffin for desert!

That may be too much gluten for our bodies to handle over the course of many years! So it could be a good idea to cut down or even cut out gluten.


Back to my cupcake! My mind was under the impression that eating a vegan or gluten free cupcake was healthy! We can blame that on the way the advertising industry has taken advantage of this concept and produced almost everything you can imagine without gluten! Which is completely natural as you can see how well it works!

Nevertheless, I must admit that when I had the REAL cupcake it was just so so so much better!

Please don’t be fooled by the industry that just because something is marked vegan or gluten free that it is automatically healthy! Sugar is still sugar and a cupcake is still a cupcake. Something that should be enjoyed ONCE IN A WHILE and not every day!

Anne Louise

Living with stress and anxiety is draining and unhealthy. My coaching program helps you listen to your body’s signals and find your balance. This way you will feel great, calm and more confident.

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