Are you honouring your values?

When we are living our lifes purpose and really honouring our values, then we are truly living in fulfilment.

How to make your dream come true

Every day people just like you go out into the world and make their dreams come true. They did it. Why not you? You’re no different than any of these successful individuals.

What Does a Health Coach Do?

We hunger for play, touch, romance, intimacy, love, achievement, success, art, music, self-expression, leadership, excitement, adventure and spirituality.

Is self-care selfish?

It can be really hard to chose to put ourself first. It feels selfish, but it is really not. In the airplanes we are asked to put our own oxygen mask on BEFORE we help our children. Instinctively, this seems all wrong, but when we think about the reality, it is really hard to help our child if we are passed out – quite impossible actually. 

New year, new you?

A new year has started and with it many new resolutions – am I right? What is your resolution for this year? Is it health related? Is this the year…