How to stay healthy and stress-free during the holidays

Oh dear, it’s Christmas soon!! There is still so much to do!! How will we get everything done in time? Stress stress stress, right?

Luckily I have some tricks up my sleeve to get me through this time without too much damage and I am going to share them all with you!!

Watch this video and let me know what you think. Which ONE thing can you start doing today??


Strict Meal Plans and Exercise Routine? I say NO!

Everywhere I go I see adverts for meal plans and exercise programs with overwhelming promises, especially this time of year when the dreaded season of overindulgence begins. We are all conscious about the fact that we will be eating and drinking more than usual during this season and come January we have regrets and start looking for these adverts I am talking about.

Fitness centres have the fittest person on earth on their posters and personal trainers are showing off their abs and we think that if you train with them we can get the same killer abs. I used to think that if I only sign up for the gym, I would naturally lose weight! Has this happened to you? I never went to the gym, but just the notion of actually signing up and having the card in my wallet should be enough to lose weight and get the body I was dreaming of having… crazy right?

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How to stay healthy during the Holidays!


Last week my article on “Staying Healthy during the Holidays” was featured on I shared 7 of my favourite Christmas health tips!

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