Why Monday is the best day to workout



When I started boxing many years ago the weekly classes were Mondays and Thursdays (they still are 😉 ) and in the beginning I had trouble getting used to working out Mondays. I mean, I had just gotten over my hangover Monday morning… only joking a little! And getting through a whole working day after the weekend was hard enough! So ALSO going to the gym or to class afterwards was daunting.

…until I got used to it!

After some time I actually thought it was the best idea. Here are some of the reasons:

  • What else are you going to do on a Monday night? Is it getting in the way of all the sitting you are doing ;)?
  • When you start your workout-week Monday, you already have 1 down before your mind and body has even realised that the week has started 😉
  • You just start your week off in a great way! You will have more energy and feel better about yourself for the rest of the week.
  • IF you should happen to cancel the Thursday class, it is not the end of the world, because you have already had one great workout for the week! Amazing!


There you have it! Monday is a great day to work out! Then it is done! Very simple.

That said, I do think and encourage you to move every day! ESPECIALLY if you have a sitting down job! You don’t have to do a fitness class or go to the gym every day, but you do need to move. Go for a walk or a slight jog, whatever feels good and fits your schedule!

Now, tomorrow is Monday! So if you haven’t yet, go pack your workout clothes and put the bag in the car. Then put in it your calendar. Then go online a book your lunch time boxercise class at claremariepilates.com or your evening boxercise class at hiitme.lu/jess_boxing !

See you there! 💪🏻

Have you already broken your New Years Resolution?

I used to do New Years Resolution. I used to vow to myself that this year I would stop smoking, eat healthy and start working out! I would quit smoking cold turkey, eat healthy without any sort of plan and workout every day! As January set off, I would stick to it the first few days, maybe even weeks, but then inevitably I would go back to my previous ways.

One year when I tried to quit smoking, it lasted until the first night out about two weeks in. Instead of beating myself up about it I just changed my resolution to “only smoking when I go out”. That was a disaster! I ended up drinking every night in order to smoke. Ridiculous! 😂

Year after year I would sign up at the gym or for an aerobics class, go maybe once or twice and then it would fade out. What a waste of money! I would also try to eat better using WILL POWER, but if you have tried that, you KNOW that doesn’t work!

Anyway, I eventually stopped making resolutions.

This year, I read about something else, something different that I will try.

Maybe you will try it with me?

I will use ONE WORD to describe how I want this year to be. This one word is supposed to guide you through the whole year and remind you to stay in the present. For instance, it could be gratitude. I want to be grateful this year. Then you would focus on this word all year long and remember to be grateful.

My word is stay calm and peaceful. Ok, technically two words, but it still counts 😉blue-sky-wallpaper-3-copyI had all these plans for my business in 2017. There were so many things I wanted to do! It became more and more challenging and overwhelming. And I became more and more stressed, trying to deal with my kids, managing the household and running my business, all at once. One day I said to myself, ‘no thank you’. I will stay focused, be effective and only do the things I want to do!

I will stay calm and peaceful.

If I feel myself getting stressed or feeling out of balance I will stop and readjust until I am calm and peaceful!

Doesn’t this sound much easier than trying to stick to unrealistic resolutions? I think it does!

Will you try it? What is your word?

What can you do to remind yourself of this word? Maybe hang it on a piece of paper on the bathroom mirror?

Let me know in the comments below!