Health Expert Series 2

Welcome to the second edition of my health series! If you haven’t read the first edition, then please click here. This month I wanted to pick the brains of my friend, Bertil. He is a passionate runner, father of a beautiful little girl, has run several (understatement) marathons and next to his full-time job also teaches a stretching course.

I hope you will enjoy reading this interview and please join the discussion in the comments  below. 


Here we go:


Name, age, occupation: Bertil Muller, 36, Brandmanager Volkswagen

What does health mean to you?

To me, as a runner, health means being able to pull out the maximum power and endurance from my body, ideally at any time. This should be on a background of feeling balanced on a day to day basis. The mental balance is as important as the physical one, but for me, mind cannot work properly without the body.  

 How do you achieve this level of healthy?

Beside a regular 40h/week job, a life partner and a daughter I run approximatively 100km a week. I probably  exercise too much if I only consider my physical health, but for me this is part of being healthy.

To achieve and more important, stay healthy I try to eat high-quality food. I start the day with fresh orange juice and rolled oats with nuts and honey. I do not eat too much meat, especially not every day and close the gaps between meals with fruits and nuts. Then during the week I try to get min. 7 hours sleep a night (if my daughter doesn’t wake me up earlier 😉).

At the beginning it could feel like time management and self-discipline, but when you begin to feel healthy and strong it becomes your normal way of life, your way to happiness. In addition, mental health comes from time spent with my family and my friends.

 Why is it important to be and live healthily?

For me it is essential to feel good and strong in my body. Being healthy is the key to my happiness and balanced life. How could one fully enjoy life without being as healthy as possible?

 Why are you an expert?

I am not sure I am an expert…but, I have found myself to be a rather respectable runner at the age of 35. Especially considering the fact that I spent my teenage years partying, drinking way too much  and smoking a whole pack of cigarettes a day. I never thought I would be considered a good consultant on health!

I have run 10 marathons with a personal best of 2 hours 39 min, 7 ultra-trails (including 2 victories) and 100s of other running competitions and still feel like I can improve my performance.

Without a healthy lifestyle these results would not be achievable in combination with a job, a family, and other hobbies.

What is your top health tip?

Health is very individual, for some people the physical part is the most important and for others it is the mental aspects. I would advice you to try and find the one thing that gives you the most satisfaction within your body and your life, and spend the most possible/available time on this one thing!

Thank you so much Bertil for this very interesting insight on your views on health. I totally agree that being healthy is very individual and we all have to find out what works for us!

If you want more information, please find Bertil on Facebook. He would love to share his running knowlege with you. He can also help you get started! 


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Health Expert Series 1

Everyone has a different opinion about health and what it means to them. I am starting this monthly series to open up the discussion about what health means to you and maybe to learn from other people and their point of views.

This month I am starting with myself. I have interviewed myself and you can find the answers below. Every month I will interview a new person that I think has something interesting to say about health and what it means to them.

I hope you will enjoy this series and will participate in the discussion. Health affects us all, also you! This is a subject you should have an opinion on 😊

Here we go:



Name, age, occupation: Anne Louise, 35, Holistic Health Coach & Boxercise Instructor

What does health mean to you?

Health, to me, means being happy and feeling good about all areas in my life. Everything from eating the right foods and exercising, to having healthy relationships and the right career needs to be in balance before I would call someone truly healthy. I need to be happy with myself on the inside and on the outside

How do you achieve this level of healthy?

I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But this is not enough. I constantly work on self-development and try to improve areas in my life that I am not happy about. I clean up my toxic relationships. I find ways to handle stress and to get a good night sleep! If I find that a job or project is draining my energy, then I need to find a way to change it. When you come home from work, you should feel happy and energised! If you feel down and drained, then maybe the job you’re doing is not right for you!

Why is it important to be and live healthily?

I think it’s important to feel good in your body and to be able to live life to its fullest every day. I think too many people settle in life and don’t know that life could be so much better if they changed a few things. I don’t ever want to settle in life. What’s the point of living, if its not going to be a good and happy life?

Finally, I think it’s important to live healthy to prevent disease and aches in the future. We are getting older, and older, but what about quality of life? When I get old I still wish to take care of myself and to be active. In old age, I want to be self-sufficient and I believe by living healthy now I up my chances of that happening.

Why are you an expert?

I started my student career in nursing school and though I quickly found out that this was not my calling, I still learnt a lot about health and disease-care. Thereafter, I studied biotechnology engineering, where my main focus was how nutrition affects the body. In other words, I studied what happens in the body when we eat and when we change what we eat. Finally, I studied Health Coaching, where I learnt over 100 dietary theories and studied the world’s top health and wellness experts. My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention.

I now work as a Health Coach, where I help my clients find balance in their life and teach about how nutrition and lifestyle affects health and overall wellbeing.

What is your top health tip?

Health can mean so many things and the important thing is to find out what it means to you. How do you feel good in your body and what needs to happen so you become truly happy and well balanced in your life? You are important! Remember that and always be kind to yourself and others!

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