Why be healthy?

It’s my BIRTHDAY!! And I’m engaged!

Pictures from our Venice Engagement Trip! Early Birthday present! So Romantic!


To be honest I never thought I’d get married. I don’t really like the idea of being part of the constitution of marriage, which I think is very outdated! Having children though made me change my mind. Especially if we are traveling and something were to happen to us, touch wood!

Anyway, it’s my birthday and I’m excited to welcome a new year into my life.

Getting older also makes me think about how important is it to be and stay healthy! Every day we make a decision about our future and health. Every day, when we decide what to eat and how to behave, or if we will skip the fitness class or not, we are deciding what kind of future we want. The older I get I find this to be more and more scary and REAL!

Think about it. Every time you eat, you are either feeding your future healthy vibrant self or feeding the illness that may emerge years from now. Every time we decide to exercise or not, we are making that decision for our future!

This is why it is so important to have healthy habits from the get go. This doesn’t mean never eating burgers or drinking alcohol again. This means that we generally have a healthy and happy approach to our life. Taking time to eat fruits and vegetables most of the time. Having an exercise routine that we can stick to. And it means taking time for yourself to take care of your self! When we have good habits on our side, it becomes easier to tackle problems that inevitably will come our way!

So take good care yourself NOW! Your future self will thank you!


If you want to know more about my approach to healthy living, please have a look at this article I wrote for healthylux.com.

Cheers and happy birthday to me! 🙂 I’m leaving you with this song – I hope you will get up and do a little dance wherever you are 😉




Why not try something new?

I love the month of May! The weather is getting better, the flowers begin to blossom and people start smiling more on the street. Have you noticed?


I especially love May because I was born in May! Actually, many people I love are born in May: my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law (yes I promise you!) and many of my friends. My baby-daddy’s rock-band is even called Born In May!

I used to love my birthday! I loved that I had a day where everything was about ME!

Now it’s different. When you are a mom, it feels like nothing is about me anymore. I didn’t even get to open my presents by myself!

But why should I complain? I had a wonderful day. The weather was spectacular and I was in great company! I invited a few friends and their kids over for a BBQ lunch. 


When I was planning the menu, I was trying to decide whether I should serve meat or not. I prefer not to eat meat, but I know that not everyone shares this preference. And especially when you are invited to a BBQ, you expect meat, right?

My baby-daddy did not agree with me! He thought I should make a veggie dish for myself and serve everyone else meat! But I wouldn’t have it. My child-like attitude towards my birthday came back to me: “It’s MY birthday and I’ll do what I want!”

I therefore served a delicious vegetarian meal!

A quinoa veggie burger on homemade wholegrain buns, corn on the cob, salad and barbequed sweet potatoes

Quinoa veggie burger on homemade wholegrain buns, corn on the cob, salad and barbecued sweet potatoes

Happily, I can report that everyone really enjoyed it and there was no complaining ☺️

I realise that being a vegetarian can annoy some people and I don’t like to be “in your face” as some people are. I do eat meat sometimes, but I prefer not to. My friends were able to try something they would normally not have tried and I think it made them an experience richer.

So my message to you is to not be afraid to try something new. Who knows, you may surprise yourself! Maybe make this month, the “say YES!”-month and try something new?

When was the last time you tried something new? Let me know in the comments below!!