• Anne Louise is amazing! I saw a flier for her services and am so grateful I contacted her. She is personable, calm, professional, and engaging. The coaching process has been very healing: Anne Louise listens, asks introspective questions, and allows me to peel back the layers of my soul. I feel more confident, mindful, and truthful to myself. I highly recommend her!

    Alison Fitness trainer, mother of 3
  • I really really LOVE her coaching style!!! She focus on the positive and get you to hold on to that - which leaves you with a wonderful feeling and optimism after each session! I am always looking forward to each session - never knowing what new levels of myself (my unconsciousness) I will open up for!! I will highly recommend her, especially if you are interested in personal and spiritual development!

    Linda Sales manager, mother of 2
  • Anne's coaching is full of intuition, embodiment and experiencing the present moment in a very connected way with lots of new awareness emerging.

    Melanie High achiever, entrepreneur
  • Anne Louise skillfully got me to realise that I was I very much in control of my own will, had the ability to make change and need not be afraid of success. Wow. It turns out that it wasn’t all about calories after all. It was about my own self-imposed limitations and the need to get real with myself – who knew? (Anne Louise knew!)

    H.D. Massage therapist, essentail oils expert
  • After being coached by Anne Louise you feel what true connection to yourself means. The emptiness in yourself has been replaced by the real wholeness of yourself

    Dorothy Full-time worker, mother of 3
  • There are so many ways in which working with Anne Louise helped me, that it is difficult to sum them up in one testimonial. The best summary would be to simply say that she saved me from myself. She listened and cared and made me feel safe during my self-discovery journey. I have never felt like going through a 'method' or a 'process', but being supported to look at myself, really look at myself, to acknowledge, accept and embrace who I am, what I do, my thoughts and feelings, accomplishments and failures, my coping mechanisms.

    She guided me to get real about myself. 

    What I appreciate most about working with her is that she created balance between giving me space and keeping me accountable every step of the way. She helped me discover the person I had become while being busy to just push through the hustle of everyday life and work. And I discovered this new person - still pretty much the same, but yet so different, which Anne Louise helped me befriend, trust and respect.

    Minola Full time worker, self discoverer
  • Thank you for helping me learning from the food that really nourishes my soul and thank you for guiding me to heal my relationship with my body. A wonderful experience that brings great things for me and my family.

    Ana Reiki master, teta healing, mother of 2

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