Light up your heart

Is your life grey and boring? Are you stuck in a rut? It’s time for a change.

When life has become dull and grey, you need someone to light up your heart. I help you shine light on the hidden elements holding you back towards a life of freedom. 

Imagine a life of light, colour, happiness and full bodied fulfilment. 

This program will help you find spark back into your life, so you can become your own true self and live your best life. Are you ready to find the real, true, authentic YOU!

What you get:

Number of sessions:

8 private coaching sessions and my undivided attention and curiosity.


I am fully committed to your growth.

Are you?

In between sessions:

Access to me in-between session through email and messages


Accountability from session to session to help you reach your goals

Session 1Your story and goals
Session 2Purpose and direction
Session 3Emotional control
Session 4Self leadership
Session 5STOP racing mind & sleep better
Session 6Standing up for yourself
Session 7Using the body
Session 8Future Vision

What others say

Anne Louise is amazing! I saw a flier for her services and am so grateful I contacted her. She is personable, calm, professional, and engaging. The coaching process has been very healing: Anne Louise listens, asks introspective questions, and allows me to peel back the layers of my soul. I feel more confident, mindful, and truthful to myself. I highly recommend her!


I really really LOVE her coaching style!!! She focus on the positive and get you to hold on to that – which leaves you with a wonderful feeling and optimism after each session! I am always looking forward to each session – never knowing what new levels of myself (my unconsciousness) I will open up for!! I will highly recommend her, especially if you are interested in personal and spiritual development!


Anne’s coaching is full of intuition, embodiment and experiencing the present moment in a very connected way with lots of new awareness emerging.


Anne Louise has a grounded, genuine, safe and embracing coaching presence and creates a lot of spaciousness to explore within her sessions. She allowed me to process my experience in my own unique way and I really appreciated this.

As a result of coaching with Anne Louise, I was able to feel into my emotional experience, gain awareness around was needed next for me and move into a greater place of freedom.

I highly recommend working with Anne Louise.


Here is how it works:

Step 1: Book your free Get Real session

Discover what you need to get real about, so you can move on from your past and live in the present. Together, we will create a powerful plan to start building your amazing future.

Step 2: Healing, discovering & growing

We must dig out the dirt before we can lay a good strong foundation. Then we build the powerful new you on top. Together, we’ll identify the actions you need to take to move forward.

3: Be real and true to yourself

Become the person you always wanted to be, find inner peace and be that great role model for your children. Be happy, resilient and confident!

Price: € 960,-

Before booking this package please make sure to book a free Get Real Session to make sure I am the right coach for you and can help you achieve your coaching goals.