What is your dream?

My dream is that you Get Real about your life, your health and your wellbeing. My wish for you is to get back into the driver’s seat and take control of your life. You are holding the steering wheel and you make the decisions. The choice is yours!


Clients who contact me:

  • Struggle with work/life balance
  • Suffer from low self-esteem (can’t say no!!)
  • Feel overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with their health & wellbeing
  • Beat themselves up for not exercising enough
  • Have poor sleep
  • Too much stress in their lives


The key to living your best, happiest and healthiest life is to Get Real and to increase your self-care! Too often, we get caught up in life’s challenges and routines. We become controlled by our jobs, our relationships and our health and we robotically go through life without giving it much thought.

We settle in life to the point that we are unaware of how much pain we are in. It is only when we start changing habits that we realise how much potential we actually have and how much life we have to live!


The way to more self-care: 

  • Do you eat healthy food and nourish your body and mind?
  • Do you do healthy exercise with a good balance between strength, flexibility and cardio?
  • Do you surround yourself with people who energise you, who roots for you and who wants to see you succeed?
  • Does your job fulfil you and keep you happy all year long?
  • Do you sleep deep and all through the night?
  • Do you meditate, take long hot baths or get massages?
  • Do you smile at least once a day?


How many of the above could you tick off?

If, at least, one of them is not ticked off, I invite you to Get Real – Get Real with me – Anne Louise!

I am a certified Professional Health Coach and I can help you live your best, happiest and healthiest life! I support my clients in creating more fulfilling lives.


The results of coaching for three- six months are:

  • Clear values, strengths and purpose
  • Boosted self esteem
  • More self-awareness
  • Feeling of fulfillment
  • Stronger Work/life balance
  • Better Stress management tools
  • Learning more about self
  • Moving forward from a resonant place
  • Getting stuff done!
  • Deeper understanding of different reactions to certain situations
  • Confidence to put themselves first
  • Stronger relationships
  • Living more purposeful and with direction
  • Higher mindful level


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a dual process: you learn more about yourself as you move forward into action toward the things you want in your life. It is an ongoing relationships designed to fill the gap between where you are in your life now and where you want to be.

Coaching empowers the you to make the necessary changes and to move forward from a resonant place in order to live happier life.

A coach can help you reclaim balance, expand on your vision and reach higher. Challenges that seem impossible on your own can be addressed in partnership with a coach.


Why Health Coaching?

I care deeply about your health and wellbeing and I am fascinated by how the body works. Our bodies are designed to survive and will do anything to do just that. In order to function properly our bodies need a thriving environment. This means everything we put into, onto and around our bodies influences our health and wellbeing. I am talking about nutrition, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people we surround ourselves with, the job we are doing and how we are being with ourselves.

All aspects in our lives influences the other. We must therefore take a holistic approach when looking at our health and wellbeing. Going to the doctor/nutritionist/physio and so on, will help in the acute phase and can take away the pain for some time. This is very important and necessary. Often health professionals do not have the time to talk and listen to your real story and really get to the root cause of what is going, and certainly no time to figure out how to change it. This is where it can be truly valuable to see a coach in addition to your other health professionals.

I take the time and I listen. I believe, you are the expert on your body and your wellbeing and you know what is best for you. I give you the tools to trust your gut feeling and move forward from an empowered place. Our bodies are truly wise and are constantly talking to us. The challenge is to find out what it is saying and what it wants. Once you know how to decipher its language and find out what your body, mind and spirit really wants, you are on the road to living your best life. A life that is your birth right and that you deserve.


How does it work?

I offer private 1-1 sessions (60 min) online (Skype, Zoom or FaceTime) or in person in my practice in Dommeldange. We meet twice per month for a minimum of 3 months.

I work mostly in English and Danish, but can also coach in German or French.

The first step is to schedule a Sample Session. This is a 30 min call where we get a feel for each other. Coaching is most powerful when the relationship is strong. This call is designed to find out if we are a good match. There is no charge for this call.


Book your sample session below

If you are ready to see changes in your life, ready to aim higher, feel better and more at peace with yourself, wait no longer and act now. First step is easy.

Let’s start coaching and see the magic happen!