Get Real with Anne Louise

This podcast is about how to heal your body from stress and learn to listen to your body’s signals, so you can avoid disease and frustration. Through interviews with real people, with experts and my own knowledge and experience, this podcast is meant to inspire and to teach you how to heal, find your talents and build your dream life. I believe you have a talent that this world needs. This talent will only come to life if you start connecting fully with your mind and body. This way you can let go of the past, heal your body, live in the present and start building your dream life. My name is Anne Louise and I am here to help you deal with stress and anxiety, so you can feel cool, calm and healthy. I hope you will enjoy listening to this podcast.

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This is how you meditate – an interview with Ana Vargas!

How meditation helps to relieve stress. Meditation truly is a healing tool, through connecting your mind, heart and body. It is a tool to get in touch with your feelings and learn more about yourself from the inside out. And so much more
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