These workshops are for people in Luxembourg or surroundings who are interested in health, wellness, and personal growth. They are for you if you want to break free from your circumstances and learn how to upgrade your life so you can feel amazing in your body, mind and soul.

Health doesn’t mean the absence of disease. Even when we are healthy (lack of disease) we can still feel unwell in our body or mind. We can seem unhappy but not really understand why. Looking at health holistically is so important because we are more than just one thing. We are everything. We are our bodies, our minds, our feelings, our thoughts. We are the air we breathe, the food we eat and the people we surround us with. Everything we touch and feel affects our health and wellbeing.

My name is Anne Louise; I am a Biotech Engineer and Certified Health Coach. I love teaching about health and wellbeing and how our minds and body are connected. I give talks about how the body works and how is it related to holistic healthy living.

Topics include:

– Gut health

– Strengthening your immune system

– Nervous system, stress and mindfulness

– Hormones and emotions

– Sleep

– Eating for energy

– Sugar addiction

Regular meet ups and workshops are planned throughout the year. Sign up for my weekly inspirational newsletter below to not miss your next transformational event.

We only live once, and I truly believe we are here to serve a purpose. So don’t let your health and wellbeing stand in your way of showing the world who you really are. Your body loves you and wants to be healthy. Set yourself up for success. Is it time to make peace with yourself?

I look forward to connecting with you.

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