Give yourself the gift of your own company

We all need a daily break from life’s challenges. This is why I created this almost 15 minutes guided meditation for you.

It is designed to have you connect with your body and to bring your attention back to the present.

This is helpful for you who’s mind tends to keep chattering at the most inappropriate times, like when you are about to fall asleep or at 4 am.

What I find most helpful is to train your mind to remain calm and connect with your body by listening to this guided meditation twice per day; in the morning and in the late afternoon. This will center your thoughts, so they don’t need to appear before bedtime or at 4 am.

Mindfulness is the key to lasting health and wellbeing

We spend so much time thinking about the past and worrying about the future which is the root cause of all stress. All we have, is the present moment and the more we can focus our attention on the present moment, the happier and more fulfilled we feel.

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