Are you planning an event and looking for someone to give an inspirational talk?

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Topics for talks include:

  • Get Real – an authentic way of life
  • Leaving the diet mindset behind
  • The power of the body – mind/body connection
  • Don’t be afraid of your emotions

Are you planning a more specific Health event?

I offer in-depth knowledge talks and seminars about these health & wellbeing topics:

  • Gut health
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Nervous system, stress and mindfulness
  • Hormones and emotions
  • Sleep
  • Eating for energy
  • Sugar addiction

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I help women heal and break free from circumstances, so they can show up authentically in life and share their talents with the world. 

I am a Biotech Engineer and Certified Health Coach. I love teaching about health and wellbeing and how our minds and body are connected. I give talks about how the body works and how is it related to holistic healthy living. 

We only live once, and I truly believe we are here to serve a purpose. So don’t let your health and wellbeing stand in your way of showing the world who you really are. Your body loves you and wants to be healthy. Set yourself up for success. Is it time to make peace with yourself? 

I look forward to connecting with you. More About Me

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