For companies

Health and wellness days are becoming popular in the working world and with good reason. Employees who eat better, move more and live more mindfully are more productive, efficient and creates more pleasant working environment.

Consider hiring a health coach to increase productivity and joy among your employees.

People who achieve their health and wellness goals are more likely to reach higher potentials at work!

Here are 6 interactive workshops that I offer, ideally during lunch hour, with different topics, that will give your employees the opportunity to increase their health and wellbeing at work.


  1. Eating for energy – avoid afternoon slumps with these tips
  2. Healthy eating habits – tips and best practices, how to implement small changes in your daily routine
  3. Stress management – physiology of stress, advantages and disadvantages of stress, stress relieving techniques & coping mechanisms 
  4. Mindful session – how to meditate and why you should do it. Including meditation, mindful moment and relaxation. 
  5. Holistic health – why it’s not only about diet and exercise
  6. Gut health  – symptoms of imbalanced gut, its purpose and importance and how you can help your gut
Better work/life balance is key for happy and creative employees
Who:  What is the outcome? Benefits for company: 
General interest in health & wellbeing Tools to take better care of self Increased energy & moral
Wish to increase Self Care Knowledge on how to Increased productivity
Suffers from low energy Action plan with accountability Feeling of being cared for and heard by company
At risk for burning out