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Can we learn from men?

Something really amazing happened that I want to tell you about. Something we can all learn a lot from!


Last week Monday my baby boy was quite sick and everyone told me to go to the doctor. I know my baby best and I didn’t think there was a need for it.

His daddy thought otherwise and in spite of my objections he took him to the hospital Saturday because he thought a doctor should see him. The doctor diagnosed him with several different things and prescribed strong antibiotics!

I feel very strongly about not giving my babies antibiotics. Their gut flora is not developed yet and I don’t think it does anyone any good to give them antibiotics that wipe the flora out at that age, unless it is really necessary! 

I got quite upset at his daddy and said there was no way he was going to get the antibiotics. I said that our baby could go another two days without and I would go to our paediatrician Monday morning.

As promised I went to our paediatrician Monday who looked thoroughly at my boy and said it was not so urgent and we could treat it locally! PHEW! I was so relieved. Just in case, I had put my fighting gloves on and was ready to fight him would he insist on full on antibiotics! No need for that.

I came home to tell his daddy and I was expecting him to feel somewhat bad about himself. If the situation had been reversed I would have beat myself up and told myself I was a bad parent and should have known better. This bitter feeling would have stayed with me for a long while. So I was ready to console him and say that he did what he thought was best. But to my surprise I didn’t need to! Instead he gave me a hug and said how proud he was of me that I fought for my kid and I was a great mom!

I was quite surprised. Happy, but surprised. I thought his reaction was so amazing. Instead of looking inwards and find flaws in himself, he looked outward and saw the good in the situation! Quite amazing, isn’t it?  

It reminded me of another situation where both he and I were looking for jobs. When a job interview went bad for me I would think that something was wrong with me, but when he had a bad interview he thought there was something wrong with them!


How is it that we react so differently? Is it a gender thing? Is it because he grew up in a healthy environment in contrary to me? I don’t know but I find it fascinating and I find it something to take note of!

I know that I am not the only woman out there who blames herself for everything that goes wrong! Why don’t we take note from our male counterparts and instead think that something is wrong with other people and not us!

We are good enough just as we are! 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you experienced a situation where you blamed yourself?


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