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Lunch & Learn

Why not spend lunch together? Let me come to your office and teach you and your colleagues about healthy living.

Choose between these topics:

  • Eating for Energy

  • Curb the Sugar Craving

  • Healthy Work/Life Balance

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Here are some comments about my last event. They comment on what they best liked about the event:

  • Promoting discussion to share and inspire others. Good timing so it doesn’t run over.  Sharing your story is nice as an intro – Vincent
  • Friendly atmosphere =) – Alla
  • Hearing advice and tips on how to tackle health and wellbeing issues. We all know what we have to do but not how sometimes – Cher
  • L’autoréflexion sur ses propres habitudes – Aurélie
  • The interaction between the coach and the participants, the eager to share and smooth presentation -> the whole exercise was great! – Lorraine
  • I liked how everything was organised and how relaxing and yet useful everything was. I liked the fact that we were all encouraged to share our experiences and thoughts. – Nikolina
  • Exchange of thoughts and experiences. Positive sharing and atmosphere. – Oxana