What others think

It is always easier to choose to work with someone after hearing what others think about it. So please enjoy reading what my amazing clients had to say about our work together.

  • Je me suis décidée à faire un coaching l’été derrnier, après avoir pris pas mal de kilos sans raison directe et sans réussir dans la durée à les perdre. C’était aussi un moment de mon parcours, où beaucoup de choses étaient en phase de changement, de mouvement. Et où certainement, beaucoup de questions de tous ordres étaient générées de par ces changements.

    Il m’est arrivé dans le passé de perdre du poids lors de moments stressants, mais jamais d’en prendre. Le fait que des réactions physiques s’associent à mon état d’esprit m’a décidé pour un coaching holistique, qui prendrait en compte un ensemble de facteurs plutôt qu’un seul aspect. C’est quand j’ai rencontré Anne.

    Durant les séances, j’ai pu exposer un ensemble de sphères de mon environnement qui se trouvaient en en apparence, en équilibre. L’exercice effectué avec Anne pendant les sessions, m’a aidé en fait à déconstruire chacun de ces équilibres apparent et de trouver la source des noeuds situationnels afin d’appliquer la solution optimale pour y pallier.

    Les options dessinées ensemble ont aussi bien concerné des aspects alimentaire, bien être, primaire comme la respiration, ou encore interrelationnel. C’est en fait ce qui peut le mieux expliquer, l’approche holistique de ce coaching.

    Anne a su creuser lorsqu’il le fallait, proposer, suggérer en utilisant aussi des analogies pour introduire un nouveau prisme de lecture dans l’analyse.

    Je suis très heureuse d’avoir pu fairecette instrospection avec Anne et d’avoir reçu beaucoup de conseils pertinents. Je dois dire que la justesse de l’approche m’a impressionnée et le respect de ma manière d’exposer les choses, était toujours au premier plan.

    Merci Anne!

  • I really really LOVE her coaching style!!! She focus on the positive and get you to hold on to that – which leaves you with a wonderful feeling and optimism after each session!
    I am always looking forward to each session – never knowing what new levels of myself (my unconsciousness) I will open up for!!

    I will highly recommend her, especially if you are interested in personal and spiritual development!

  • I worked with Anne for several months and learned a lot about myself, what my triggers are and how I can better control them. She guided me towards questioning my eating and lifestyle choices and how to change them.

  • Anne Louise is simply amazing – I recommend her so highly. Lots of energy and positivity – I had a wonderful journey of 8 session with her. I learnt a huge amount – thank you

  • Anne has been a great coach over the past months! She has been able to provide actionable tips on lifestyle, mental health and diet through her active listening.

  • I had a truly amazing experience today with Anne Louise.

    She was able to get me out of my comfort zone during an exercise about my values in life and make me think about those values by fortifying my forte and immobilising my demons.

    She showed me that there is a way to go around and to be able to consider things from another perspective and to feel peaceful (one of my top 5 values) in daily life. Not only, during that session I could finally feel different parts of my body again, that I haven’t felt in years. I could feel the energy rushing through my veins, through my body and I felt those numbs getting out my throat, like ugly dark dust clouds. They are gone!!

    I felt so relieved, light, free! Everything got back into place, she made me realise that things were actually pretty obvious, but I couldn’t see them anymore.

    Now I do and this feeling makes me happy. She helped me during this very intensive session to find a way to go on in life while protecting myself from and during different kind of unpleasant situations that I’ll have to deal with in the future.

    This is such a relief, I’m not scared anymore. I want to thank you so much, Anne Louise, for the knowledge you have woken up in me. Thank you for your kind words and for letting me learn from you in such a nice and comfortable atmosphere.

    Thank you for being part in my journey.

    I highly recommend Anne Louise, she is a very kind, nice and sharing person, an truly great mentor who does special things for you. You will be amazed what she is capable of achieving with you.

    Give it a try, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

  • “You can’t tell me anything about calories that I don’t already know. I’ve tried every diet there is and I know all about coaching tricks too.”

    My desperation had left me feeling totally hopeless and pretty rude. But Anne Louise didn’t blink and instead offered me a free taster session to see how I got on. After a full course of six sessions – I signed up after that first one – my despair had turned to hope and an exciting sense of empowerment.

    Anne Louise skilfully got me to realise that I was I very much in control of my own will, had the ability to make change and need not be afraid of success. Wow. It turns out that it wasn’t all about calories after all. It was about my own self-imposed limitations and the need to get real with myself – who knew? (Anne Louise knew!)

  • Anne Louise’s health coaching helped me to set goals for healthy living and to take action. Reaching my goals gave me a big satisfaction and balance in each aspect of my life, social life, family life, relationships, spirituality… our one on one sessions helped me to discover myself, I had creative ideas for me and my family during our conversations.

    Thank you, Anne Louise

  • Each time that my body (spiritual, emotional, mental or physical) needs to improve something, my soul is able to connect with the correct messenger to guide me through a new healing adventure.

    This time I thank Anne Louise Littlejohn for her coaching!!

    Thank you for helping me learning from the food that really nourishes my soul and thank you for guiding me to heal my relationship with my body.

    A wonderful experience that brings great things for me and my family.

    Many blessings

  • I used Anne Louise services after my pregnancy in order to address sugar and carb cravings and get back to my healthy self, through her three months coaching program.

    Any doubt I might have had about hiring a health coach quickly dissipated, as I found extremely useful to have someone to “report to”. It turns out it is easier to make smart choices when you know, you will have to tell someone about them.

    Anne Louise is a wonderful listener and I especially enjoyed her holistic approach. She does not force any diet on you or make judgements on your current habits, but rather suggests options and encourages you to try new things or follow new paths. She can provide tips on healthy eating and exercising, as well as how to include them in your daily life.

    With her help, I was able to reach my goals of regularly eating a healthier diet and exercising more, as well as taking care of my own needs despite being a new mom.

    Furthermore, I got the tools and tricks to go back on track may I ever fall off the healthy wagon again. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make changes in their lifestyle and achieve once and for all their goals.