School Starts

School starts today in Luxembourg, so many parents are posting their back-to-school pictures of their children, including me!! Aren’t they sweet?

Today, for me also means back to school – sort of. I finished University, where I obtained a Masters in Science in Biotech specialising is Nutrition #ilovebiochemistry, many years ago now! And now, my journey continues as I deepen my learning within COACHING!

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Why water can help you


So simple, yet so under estimated! Water is the foundation of life! Water generates life on the planet. Without water, there is nothing!

How long do you think you can go without water? You can probably go without food for a few months before you perish, but you can only go a few days without water. Every biochemical reaction that happens in your body can only happen when there is water present. Every organ in your body needs water to function properly. Continue reading

12 Steps to Better Health

The other day I went through my old school notes and found this circle with 12 steps to better health. I thought it was so good and covers so many of the basics that I teach my clients, so naturally I wanted to share it with you.

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Self-care without feeling Guilty

Should I feel guilty for doing nothing?

I just came back from a 3-day workshop. 3 days of extreme intense learning, processing

and deepening on a very personal level. It was an amazing experience and I feel completely fulfilled and very happy. But I am also beat. I am tired and I am exhausted.

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Health Expert Series 9

New year, new dreams, new expert on our health series! In our last edition we talked about how we are all experts on our bodies and we all know what we need to do, sometimes we just need some help getting to the answer we all have inside us.

This month I want to introduce a fellow Health Coach and Luxembourger! Kris Oak Mendez is a fantastic health advocate and cares deeply about her own and your health!

Here is Kris Oak:

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Strict Meal Plans and Exercise Routine? I say NO!

Everywhere I go I see adverts for meal plans and exercise programs with overwhelming promises, especially this time of year when the dreaded season of overindulgence begins. We are all conscious about the fact that we will be eating and drinking more than usual during this season and come January we have regrets and start looking for these adverts I am talking about.

Fitness centres have the fittest person on earth on their posters and personal trainers are showing off their abs and we think that if you train with them we can get the same killer abs. I used to think that if I only sign up for the gym, I would naturally lose weight! Has this happened to you? I never went to the gym, but just the notion of actually signing up and having the card in my wallet should be enough to lose weight and get the body I was dreaming of having… crazy right?

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Is summer already over?

Oh dear, it is almost September! This means summer is almost over! The dreaded season of going back to school and work is around the corner! How do you feel about it?

For the last few years my family and I have booked our last holiday in the beginning of September. We are doing this for several reasons. The South’s extreme heat for a Dane for one thing but also to subconsciously delay the dreaded season of going back to school! Everything gets busier. The streets fill up again and the supermarkets get busy. People are more stressed and seem to need to hurry everywhere! They forget to smile and quickly ignore their newfound energy from their relaxing holiday.

Every year I enjoy August in Luxembourg because the country is empty! There is no traffic and shopping goes quicker due to no lines at the cashier. I know Luxembourg is not a huge country, so it is nothing compared to London or Paris! But life does run smoother during August.

When we come back from holiday, it is just in time for the public school to start. This is a time for turmoil and confusion. “La rentrée” as it is called here can be quite stressful. New routines need to be set in place and everyone needs to be on board with them. School lunches need to be packed. After-school activities need to be scheduled. Meal planning needs to get going again. Someone needs to do the shopping. My exercise class starts up again – oh dear, do I have time to go or should I try something new? Before we know of it it’s Christmas and we haven’t done any of the things we said we would do, right? Especially when it comes to our health. I never managed to sign up for that new health class I wanted to try and I also missed the cooking class I wanted to go to.

Around Christmas and New Years we remember what we had promised ourselves the previous year! Was this the year you were supposed to take better care of yourself? Was this the year you would finally lose the extra weight or did you settle for the just-don’t-gain-any-weight solution because you figure you will never lose the weight anyway?

If this sounds like you why not try to do things a little different this year? The one thing we as women and mothers often forget is to take care of ourselves! We are so busy making things work for everyone else that we put ourselves at the bottom of the to do list! We forget to be nice to ourselves and we let ourselves go.

This year you can do things differently! How about learning some easy strategies you can put in place for yourself to finally break this viscous cycle and actually live your life with more energy and vitality?

I would like you to invite you to join a 5-day course where I teach you clear-cut strategies on how you can start taking better care of yourself! Each day for 5 days I will send you a new strategy straight to your inbox.

I have been there myself and I can tell you that the consequence of not taking better care of myself for me resulted in a burn out situation, where I didn’t recognise myself anymore, didn’t recognise my partner anymore and really wondered why I had kids in the first place. I gained unnecessary weight and I felt I had aged 10 years! I don’t want this to happen to you, so please don’t let this be your story. Even if this has already happened to you, you can still rewrite your story! Take action now and sign up for the 5-day course. It is completely free and may potentially turn your life around! Are you ready to gain more energy, reduce stress and improve your quality of life?

Sign up here: 5 Day Get Real Course

Start date is 20th September 2017. Mark your calendars! I look forward to connecting with you!

Why be healthy?

It’s my BIRTHDAY!! And I’m engaged!

Pictures from our Venice Engagement Trip! Early Birthday present! So Romantic!


To be honest I never thought I’d get married. I don’t really like the idea of being part of the constitution of marriage, which I think is very outdated! Having children though made me change my mind. Especially if we are traveling and something were to happen to us, touch wood!

Anyway, it’s my birthday and I’m excited to welcome a new year into my life.

Getting older also makes me think about how important is it to be and stay healthy! Every day we make a decision about our future and health. Every day, when we decide what to eat and how to behave, or if we will skip the fitness class or not, we are deciding what kind of future we want. The older I get I find this to be more and more scary and REAL!

Think about it. Every time you eat, you are either feeding your future healthy vibrant self or feeding the illness that may emerge years from now. Every time we decide to exercise or not, we are making that decision for our future!

This is why it is so important to have healthy habits from the get go. This doesn’t mean never eating burgers or drinking alcohol again. This means that we generally have a healthy and happy approach to our life. Taking time to eat fruits and vegetables most of the time. Having an exercise routine that we can stick to. And it means taking time for yourself to take care of your self! When we have good habits on our side, it becomes easier to tackle problems that inevitably will come our way!

So take good care yourself NOW! Your future self will thank you!


If you want to know more about my approach to healthy living, please have a look at this article I wrote for

Cheers and happy birthday to me! 🙂 I’m leaving you with this song – I hope you will get up and do a little dance wherever you are 😉 



I am going LIVE!

Exciting NEWS!!

I will be hosting a LIVE Facebook event next Tuesday 28 March at 19h30!

I am so nervous about it especially because it is LIVE!! But I believe the information I want to share with you is so important. I have to get over myself and JUST DO IT!

I mean, how many of you KNOW what you SHOULD be doing to lose weight and live healthy, but you don’t? Or have you tried diet and diet and just don’t see the expected results?

It is crazy frustrating, isn’t it?

How would you like to learn 3 steps that you can easily implement and will give you immediate results? 

No gimmicks, fad diets, or ‘tricks.’
Sounds too good to be true? 

Check it out for yourself and join me LIVE on Tuesday 28 March at 19h30 CET.

I promise you won’t be dissapointed!

Oh, and it’s completely FREE!


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Find out how YOU can look and feel your absolute best by just following these 3 very easy steps.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. See you Tuesday!!