The Get Real 6 Day Self Care Challenge

We all want to be healthy and feel more amazing, right? 

The truth is, it can be confusing to know where to begin. When we feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to give up even before we’ve started. I know how it goes because I’ve been there before too!

The top 3 goals I hear most often from my clients are:

  • feeling better
  • losing weight
  • having more time and energy

If you felt better, had more energy and reached your ideal weight, you would probably feel like a new version of yourself, right?

I have put this series together a challenge to address all 3 of these issues with super simple tips you can implement right away.

Introducing The 6 Day Self Care Challenge.

Why self care? Because the one thing we as women and mothers often forget is to take care of ourselves! We are so busy making things work for everyone else that we put ourselves at the bottom of the to do list! We forget to be nice to ourselves and we let ourselves go!

If this sounds like you why not try to do things a little different this year?

How about learning some easy strategies you can put in place for yourself to finally break this viscous cycle and actually live your life with more energy and vitality?

I have been there myself and I can tell you that the consequence of not taking better care of myself for me resulted in a burn out situation, where I didn’t recognise myself anymore, didn’t recognise my partner anymore and really wondered why I had kids in the first place. I gained unnecessary weight and I felt I had aged 10 years! I don’t want this to happen to you, so please don’t let this be your story. Even if this has already happened to you, you can still rewrite your story! Take action now and sign up for the 6-day challenge. It is completely free and may potentially turn your life around!

Are you ready to gain more energy, reduce stress and improve your quality of life?

During 6 days, you’ll receive clear-cut strategies on how you can start taking better care of yourself, so you can better, feel better and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

START DATE: 7th May 2018 - one day before my birthday <3 



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