Get Real with Anne Louise

This podcast is about how to heal your body from stress and learn to listen to your body’s signals, so you can avoid disease and frustration. Through interviews with real people, with experts and my own knowledge and experience, this podcast is meant to inspire and to teach you how to heal, find your talents and build your dream life. I believe you have a talent that this world needs. This talent will only come to life if you start connecting fully with your mind and body. This way you can let go of the past, heal your body, live in the present and start building your dream life. My name is Anne Louise and I am here to help you deal with stress and anxiety, so you can feel cool, calm and healthy. I hope you will enjoy listening to this podcast.

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What is your body telling you through the lens of the female cycle

The importance of paying attention to the female cycle in order to obtain optimal health and wellbeing. Listening to your body is your gateway to your creativity and unlimited inner recourses. Reduce stress by paying attention to your inner rhythms.
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Why diets don't work and what works instead

Find out what I am addicted to and why diets don’t work. Discover why it has nothing to do with self-discipline or will power. You’ll also get the best exercise to do at home to achieve your goals.
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This is how you meditate – an interview with Ana Vargas!

How meditation helps to relieve stress. Meditation truly is a healing tool, through connecting your mind, heart and body. It is a tool to get in touch with your feelings and learn more about yourself from the inside out. And so much more
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How a wondering mind is a good thing

What is mindfulness and how does it work to calm your busy mind. You’ll discover the difference between the doing and being mode of the mind, whether you can problem solve an emotion. Finally, 5 concrete steps to help your mindfulness practice.
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The 5 most important stress relieving tools

Here are some stress relieving techniques and coping mechanisms that help build your stress resilience muscle. You’ll learn why we react differently to stress and why it is so important that you listen to your body.
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Give yourself the gift of yourself

This guided meditation is only 14 minutes and is designed to have you connect with your body and to bring your attention back to the present. There is no intro or outro to this episode, just the meditation. Enjoy!
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Self-care is a choice

Self-care is about having the courage to look inside and start paying attention to your body’s signals. Find out what are the warning signals and what happens when you don’t pay attention. Love yourself enough, to take care of yourself!
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The Get Real Podcast - Introduction

This short episode is an introduction to this podcast. Find out what my mother has to do with all this and what devastating consequences stress has on your life. This episode explains what my purpose is with this podcast.
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