Lunch & learns

Are you having trouble finding the time to get a training session up and running? Try a lunch and learn.

What exactly is a lunch and learn session?

They are 50-60 minutes training or presentation sessions for your employees during lunch. All topics are carefully selected to give your employees an all around view of health and wellbeing.

Key benefits of lunch and learn sessions

  1. The sessions make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the day.
  2. The brief informal setting allows a better channel for understanding and getting the direct point across.
  3. The sessions are designed to increase energy & moral
  4. Employees who take better care of themselves have increased productivity
  5. Employees will feel they are being cared for and heard by company


1. A 360 view on health, life and wellbeing

2. Eating for energy

3. Conquer your sugar cravings

4. How to make friends with stress

5. Helpful ways to strengthen your immune system and fight off flus and colds

6. Gut health

Lunch & learns are a great way to come together during your lunch hour and learn something new with your colleagues.