My education:

  • In 2008 I graduated from the Technical University of Denmark, where I obtained a master’s degree in biotechnology engineering (Ms Eng (Biotech)).
    • Specialisations:
      – Human Nutrition, Physiology & Food Sciences
      – Microbiology and Fermentation Technology; Microbial Inhabitants of Humans, their ecology and role in Health and Disease
      – Immunology
      – Industrial Food Production
      – Organisational Behaviour, Management and Leadership
    • Master Thesis: Dietary Influence on Immune Maturation
  • In 2015 I enrolled in a yearlong online course to become a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories; everything from Ayurveda, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw, vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between.
  • October 2017 – The Coaches Training Institute – Co-Active Coach Training Program (CTI)